Legal and Tax Department

• General tax counseling.
• Counseling on domestic and international transactions.
• Analysis of the taxation of financial transactions.
• Tax planning of the net assets of individuals and families.
• Tax planning of foreign investments in Argentina.
• Tax analysis on corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.
• Counseling on procedures to follow before Tax Collection Bureaus.
• Tax proceedings in all court instances, both in the City of Buenos Aires and in the province of Buenos Aires.

Corporate Legal Department

Corporate Law
• Incorporation, transformation, merger, split-offs and dissolution of Civil Organizations and Commercial Corporations. Drafting of Joint Venture Agreements (what is known asUT-ACE-CC in Argentina).
• Registration with the Argentine Corporationsâ Regulatory Agency (commonly known as GJ).
• Domestication of foreign companies to operate under Argentine laws.
• Incorporation of foreign companies in Argentina. Opening of company branches and subsidiaries.

Business Law
• Legal counsel and assistance during court proceedings.
• General counsel on Bankruptcy Law.
• Administration of both court and out-of-court business fees and charges.
•General counsel on business-related topics.

Contract Law
• Drafting and negotiation of civil and commercial agreements.
• Acting on the client’s behalf during business transactions.

Intellectual Property Department

• Trademarks.
• Patents.

Accounting Department

Accounting and Record Keeping 
 The staff at the Accounting Department carries out the collection of any documents related to the client’s commercial activity and it also processes the records that allow for the Financial Statements of each fiscal year to be drafted.

 Our main goal is the drafting of an Auditor’s Certificate upon the Financial Statements provided by the client. When rendering auditing services, the staff at the Accounting Department revises the accounting records and analyses the supporting documentation. Our staff is also entrusted with the appraisal of assets and the drafting of the relevant inventories. The Accounting staff, in addition, advise on the behavior of the circuits and procedures that enable a better efficiency at internal monitoring by way of working with the overseers of such procedures with a view to achieve excellence at business management.

 Our staff consists of experts in taxation in charge of the payment and revision of monthly and yearly affidavits for taxes of both the City of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires.  The advice provided by experts in taxation and by experts in tax law in tandem, allows for technical and legal aspects to be addressed accurately and for clients to be informed of any tax-related updates.

CPA Expert Witness Services
 The experience we have gained due to the interdisciplinary approach of our Firm ensures an adequate accounting counseling, particularly in criminal and in economic-criminal cases, when acting as CPA Expert Witnesses and/or as Technical Consultants.